Buy Microsoft 365 Business Online

Buy Microsoft 365 Business Online

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Focus on the things that matter with our Microsoft 365 Business plans. Microsoft 365 is a suite of Office apps that are designed to boost workplace productivity with easy access to email, the collaborative power of Microsoft Teams, and the impressive feature-set of tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Long story short, these Microsoft 365 business plans are the unlocking keys for you to excel at your job.

Now pay monthly for an annual Microsoft 365 Business Subscription

We’re all about making it easier for you to purchase and use these productivity tools. Introducing the monthly payment feature to the purchase of Microsoft 365 Business products. Link your credit and rest easy, payment will be debited automatically every month.

We have 3 feature-rich Microsoft 365 Business plans, each one providing a powerful set of tools for you to get more work done.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

Perfect for SMEs looking for a set of productivity tools for business growth along with secure cloud storage.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

Best suited for SMEs and large organizations looking for full-fledged remote collaboration tools and premium Office features.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

A spot-on solution for enterprises looking to acquire an additional layer of cyber threat protection to all the features included in the standard plan.

6 Simple Steps for Purchasing Microsoft 365 Business plans

  1. Visit the Logix eShop
  2. From the sidebar, click on Monthly Subscription
  3. Select a Microsoft 365 Business plan suitable for your requirement
  4. Enter the domain name of your business
  5. Choose the number of users you want to purchase the product for *
  6. Complete the purchase process

* Maximum users for the Business plans: 300.

Logix, being in the messaging and collaboration domain for over 21 years, is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner. With Logix Email Security Advanced Threat Protection, you can secure your Microsoft messaging and enhance productivity.

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