A Recap of Our Webinar on Persistent Threats on Your Website

A Recap Of Our Webinar On Persistent Threats

Reading Time: 3 minutes It was Bill Gates who said if your business is not on the internet, it simply does not exist. Taking a look at the scenario today, we don’t think it’s a gross exaggeration. Today, organizations use many web-based critical applications for conducting their business. Because they’re so exposed to the public at large, business applications […]

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Webinar – Persistent Threats on Web-based Applications

Webinar - Persistent Threats On Website

Reading Time: 2 minutes Web-based critical applications are of utmost importance to organizations and your website is the gateway to the online world. However, your websites don’t have any inherent security mechanisms that can protect against cyber threats. Web applications have become the #1 target for the exploitation of vulnerabilities. Your online presence is constantly vulnerable to persistent threats, and you need to know how to safeguard […]

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